Girls Night Out

Let’s face it, girls night out is FUN. There’s nothing like kicking back a few unabashedly sweet cocktails and catching up with your girls. Here are a couple ideas to take your night out on the town.

First things first: what to wear.

girls night out

Now for starters. Tapas and Sangria? Yes please. Boston has a nice selection of tapas bars to chose from. Tapeo on Newbury is a great option, especially when the weather is nice and you can sit outside. The goat cheese tapa is really awesome plus they have sangria on tap (!).  If you happen to find yourself there between 5-7 pm, there is a selection of $5 tapas at the bar. Not too bad!

Next, head over to City Bar tucked in the Lenox Hotel for a chill place to grab one of their many inventive cocktails.

Once you and your friends have tried every cocktail on the menu, you might need some late night food to balance yourself out. If your feet aren’t aching too bad, walk the two or three blocks to Little Stevie’s pizzeria on Boylston near Berklee. They are open late and the pizza does the job. Hope and your girls had fun!

2 Responses to “Girls Night Out”
  1. alisonowens says:

    I want to do this nowwwwww!!!


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