Movers and Shakers

Boston may not be known for it’s killer dance scene but the option is certainly available to those who seek it out. One of my personal favorite spots is Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square. On first glance it looks like another Boston Irish pub, which in fact it is, but it happens to offer a lot more than pub food and Guinness.

The upstairs portion of the bar is dedicated completely to dancing. On Saturdays DJ Special K is there playing hip hop and reggae, a music selection that’s not so easy to find in Boston. And for a $5 cover it’s a pretty good steal for a night of dancing to good music you actually want to dance to.

Remember when Saint was a super trendy club with a super trendy $20 cover charge?  Well Saint is no more and “Storyville” has replaced it; a cover-free dance spot that’s got everything you need. Storyville’s name comes from the very orignal Storyville night club which opened in the 1940’s where every Jazz great came to perform including Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Billy Holiday to name a few. I like Storyville for a number of reasons. The decor is still edgy, there’s a lounge area if you just feel like sitting and relaxing, and they have a great music selection on the weekends. It’s in a central location at the bottom of the Copley Square Hotel, there’s hardly ever a line, and you never need to worry about cover.  A nightclub with a rich history that’s unique to Boston? It’s good in my book.

If you’re into more of a club scene, then Gypsy Bar is a good choice. The cover is steep but if you get on the guest list and arrive earlier you can probably get in for around $10 or $15. They play a lot of electronic music and the atmosphere is fun.

And finally a couple of dancing outfit ideas.

Dance it out


Corset shirt
$60 –

AllSaints genuine leather jacket
$495 –

Minty Meets Munt wool skirt
$89 –

Steve Madden slip on shoes
$80 –

Leather bag
£180 –

Facets jewelry
$50 –

dance it out


Army shirt
$63 –

Zadig Voltaire cotton scarve
£115 –

Y-3 Belt
$85 –

Asos Retro Digital Watch
$25 –


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