5 Best “reality” shows that aren’t exactly reality shows

Reality TV isn’t exactly the pinnacle of intelligence and art but there are a couple gems out there. I’m not even sure if these can be considered reality shows but they are in the category of unscripted, real-life events that are filmed for TV and my pleasure. I’ve gathered a list of reality shows that I find somewhat interesting. OK ..addicting.

House Hunters International

There is something very addicting about House Hunters International. It’s extremely predictable yet I find it riveting! The cool part is all the different countries they go to – I just saw one where this couple relocated to Kyrgyzstan (whaat?). It’s also amazing to see how much you can get for your money in other countries..and let me tell you, it’s insane. You can practically buy palace for $200,000 in the heart of Morocco with original, gorgeous tiling and sky high ceilings. I once saw an ex-pat purchase a beautiful home in Italy for around 30,000 US dollars. It definitely needed A LOT of work, but under the debris was original architecture that date back hundreds of years but what a cool life challenge. There are of course the typical snitches who have ridiculous lists of necessities and practically crap their pants if there aren’t modern appliances lurking in every corner. “This bedroom feels a bit cramped“…b*tch PLEASE….it’s 800 square feet of gorgeousness!!


Anthony Bourdain: NooOOooo Reservations

Oh Anthony. You are incredibly sarcastic, cynical, cranky and sometimes pretentious but it’s all okay because you make the show entertaining.  Anthony travels to different countries all over the world and makes it a point to avoid all “touristy” spots. He connects with the locals, tries home cooked meals (the man can EAT), and immerses himself in the culture. Don’t EVEN hand him a Pina Colada in Puerto Rico where it originated. Anthony wants a true ~local~ experience. This one well traveled man. Funny thing is he’s been all over the world and yet I still love the show he did in New York City best.

Selling New York

Just discovered this show. If you love drooling over real estate that you could never-in-your-wildest-dreams afford, you’ll like this show. This is also assuming you love NYC. The prices of these places are out of this world. The apartments are impressive too. One episode a couple of  Manhattan real estate agents had to travel all the way to …………BROOKLYN!! ohh the horror!  It was like the end of the world for them. But the 23 million dollar penthouse made the trip worth it..even though it was………..RAINING!!!

Barefoot Contessa

Because she’s the barefoot contessa!! And because her kitchen is impeccable. How easy is THAT?!

Million Dollar Rooms

This hasn’t premiered yet but it looks very promising!! One mill on a room? Gah damn.

So basically this list just proves that I like HGTV and the Travel Channel and I enjoy watching people have adventures that I most likely will never have the balls to do and also own outrageously expensive homes. That’s what TV is for right?


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