A collection of creative music videos

Music gets the creative juices flowing. There are some real nice, artistic videos out there combining the beat with some great visuals.

Kanye West Runaway
Yes Kanye, we HAVE been putting up with your shit for way too long. But nobody can deny this video is a beaut! Mixing ballet with rap is a nice combo. It’s like Save the Last Dance only with a role reversal. No but for real..it’s very good.


Radiohead Street Spirit
What’s a list of artistic music videos with out the token Radiohead? This video is stunning, as is the song. Shot at different film frequencies, this black and white video captures motion and imagery in a creepy yet beautiful way.


Mos Def- Casa Bey
It’s really nice how this video builds up. Watch the whole thing.


The White Stripes- I Fell in Love With a Girl
Legos! Rock!


Fatboy Slim- Weapon of Choice
I don’t know if this is creative in the artsy sense or just incredibly awesome.  I mean it’s Christopher Walken. Dancing. In a suit. And then he flies. OH COME ON!!! It doesn’t get better than that.


Ok Go- This Too Shall Pass
Ok Go is the daddy of creative music videos. Pretty much all of them rock- I just picked this one because it’s so mesmerizing!


Scissor Sisters- I don’t feel like dancing
I probably won’t get many people agreeing with me on this. Perhaps I am bias because I love everything this band represents which is dancing your ass off, playing the tambourine and wearing purple latex jump suits. But this video is unique in it’s own way- you know with the canoes and the red sky and floating heads….oh forget it, I just wanted an excuse to include the scissor sisters in this post.


The Arctic Monkeys View from the afternoon
Simple concept but powerful video. People still play instruments? WHO KNEW?


Coldplay Viva La Vida (The itunes version)
Apple strikes again!


Aha- Take on me
The original artistic music video. Very ahead of it’s time!


Coldplay-Strawberry Swing
Those Coldplay guys know what’s up. This is an imaginative, moving video that makes you feel all good inside. Super cool.


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