A collection of creative music videos

Music gets the creative juices flowing. There are some real nice, artistic videos out there combining the beat with some great visuals. Kanye West Runaway Yes Kanye, we HAVE been putting up with your shit for way too long. But nobody can deny this video is a beaut! Mixing ballet with rap is a nice … Continue reading

5 Best “reality” shows that aren’t exactly reality shows

Reality TV isn’t exactly the pinnacle of intelligence and art but there are a couple gems out there. I’m not even sure if these can be considered reality shows but they are in the category of unscripted, real-life events that are filmed for TV and my pleasure. I’ve gathered a list of reality shows that … Continue reading

Movers and Shakers

Boston may not be known for it’s killer dance scene but the option is certainly available to those who seek it out. One of my personal favorite spots is Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square. On first glance it looks like another Boston Irish pub, which in fact it is, but it happens to offer a … Continue reading

Downtown Behavior Starts Now

It’s all too familiar: you’re staring hopelessly into your ridiculous mess that is an excuse for a closet thinking to yourself  “What in hell am I going to wear tonight?”.  Then comes the furious wrath of texts; “Are you wearing heels?” or “Are sneakers allowed?” or “Why are we going to place called ____ anyways?” Well … Continue reading